What’s So Great about a Reconditioned Engine?

What’s So Great about a Reconditioned Engine?

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Unless you’re a car enthusiast, you probably haven’t thought too much about reconditioned engines. But if you find yourself in the market for a new engine, a reconditioned option should get some serious consideration.

Many people opt for expensive brand new engines and don’t realise the benefits of reconditioned engines. Of course, it is important you only purchase reconditioned engines from specialist mechanics, like Hyundai Heaven, when looking at a new engine for your Hyundai.

Here are the greatest benefits of buying a reconditioned engine:

Cost Effective

One of the biggest benefits of a reconditioned engine is that it tends to be cheaper than a brand new engine. Reconditioned engines are almost new and have a very long life span if they are maintained to the same standard you should treat any engine. Another benefit is that you are recycling engine parts, reducing the amount of scrap that ends up in the environment.

Built to the Highest Standards

Quality should always be a priority when you’re replacing your engine or any other part of your car. On reconditioned engines, cranks are machined, polished or replaced as necessary and new bearing sets will have been installed. The pistons are fitted with new piston rings, cylinder heads are pressure tested, and new oil seals are fitted.

We dismantle, machine and assemble thousands of engines every year and employ only specialist mechanics to work on our customers’ reconditioned engines. We are also constantly upgrading our machines to ensure that we are providing our customers with a product that is consistent and of similar or better quality than OEM.

Comes with a 12 Month Warranty

Because they’re built to such high standards, our reconditioned engines come with a 12-month warranty, extending the longevity of your engine and your car. All of our Hyundai reconditioned engines come with a 12 month, nationwide parts and labour warranty, giving you peace of mind. Your new reconditioned engine is our art work and we take our craft seriously. We’ll also offer you ongoing support and comfort that you’re in safe hands.

Talk to Hyundai Heaven

Hyundai Heaven wants to help customers save money and get quality parts with a great guarantee. We have access to more than 50,000 spare parts and we are also powered by the Hotline syndicate. This means we can source a part for you even if we don’t have it in stock today, giving us access to just about anything our customers could require.


Visit our workshop in Kenwick, Western Australia to purchase and install engines or parts straight away. You can also get in touch with us online for more information.







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