How to Find Late Model KIA Parts

How to Find Late Model KIA Parts

: KIA badge on the front of a carOne of the greatest challenges for car mechanics and collectors working on KIAs is finding authentic KIA parts. Non-genuine parts might look like the real deal but they have not been made, selected or approved by the manufacturer as a critical part of your vehicle. This means they will not have been tested to the same level of quality as you can expect from authentic parts, which are designed and tested as an integral component of your vehicle.

Why Authentic Parts Matter

Authentic parts are best practice for repairs and rebuilds. The authenticity and quality of each KIA part is the key to keeping your vehicle in its best possible condition. Inferior parts can cause damage, loss of performance and can compromise the safety of your vehicle, putting yourself and your passengers at risk.

Sourcing parts that are designed specifically for your model means you are sure to find parts that fit and you are guaranteed they were made to enhance the performance of your specific KIA vehicle model.

Authentic parts offer:

  1. Quality – made to suit your specific vehicle
  2. Support – knowing the authenticity of your parts allows you to work with mechanics who specialise in these parts
  3. Longevity – authentic parts are specifically designed to ensure optimal performance and proper conditioning of your equipment

If your vehicle needs replacement parts following an incident or during servicing and maintenance, it is critical that authentic parts are fitted. Authentic parts are new and the only parts approved and warranted by the vehicle’s maker. You can only guarantee you will get genuine parts by sourcing them through the vehicle maker’s authorised supply chain.

Where to Find Authentic KIA Parts

If you live in Perth and are in need of authentic KIA parts, our team is your best bet. We have a wide range of parts available for Carnival, Sportage, Rio, Cerato, Optima GT, Sorento, Soul, Carens, Magentis, Picanto and much more.

Hyundai Heaven are members of the Hotline syndicate, meaning we have access to millions of parts for your Kia, whether they are currently in stock in our yard or being held by one of our affiliates elsewhere. Whatever your needs, we have the network and the know-how to help.

We have been building our business and our reputation for more than 20 years. No spare parts specialist can match us for expert service & advice, a great range and genuine value for money.

If you′re looking for quality used spare parts for your Kia, Hyundai, Daewoo, Proton or Holden, you can visit our workshop to purchase and install parts straight away. Otherwise, contact us on 08 9459 5999 or submit an online enquiry.

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