Looking for KIA Parts and Getting Totally Lost? A Few Tips from the Experts

Looking for KIA Parts and Getting Totally Lost? A Few Tips from the Experts

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Finding the right parts for your KIA car or truck on your own can be tricky, so your best option is to source directly from an accredited KIA specialist. This way you’ll get the help and advice you need, as well as guaranteed quality and reliability.

Choose a Reliable Source

You wouldn’t buy a car from a dodgy dealer, so why would you buy a part from an unreliable source? Buying car parts online or from the cheapest place you can find might seem like a good choice in the short term, but compromising on quality and service can cause serious issues affecting the safety, performance and efficiency of your vehicle in the long run. When looking for a KIA parts dealer, it’s important to choose a company with a great reputation who offer honest pricing and great communication, and the team here at Hyundai Heaven have it all.

Make Things Easy for Yourself

No matter how confident you are selecting KIA spare parts, it’s always advisable to get help from an expert. Rather than going to a generic dealership where they deal with cars from dozens of different manufacturers every day, choose a specialist store where their knowledge base can offer exactly the help you need. Another factor to consider is how your part will be fitted. At Hyundai Heaven in Perth, we have a workshop right here on site, so our professional team can fit your part without you having to find a separate mechanic. With our KIA expertise and integrated installation, Hyundai Heaven makes sorting your replacement part quicker, easier and stress-free.

New, Used, OEM, Aftermarket – Which KIA Spare Parts Should You Choose?

One of the first things your spare car parts dealer might ask is what type of part you want – and the options can be perplexing. You don’t want to end up paying out for something that won’t last, but equally, there’s no need to spend a lot on something your car doesn’t need. Here is some basic information on the types of parts available –

  • OE/genuine spare parts – these are brand new parts made specifically for your make and model of vehicle and covered by the manufacturer’s guarantee
  • OEM/replacement parts – these are made by an external company but in agreement with the manufacturer of your car. Often cheaper than genuine parts, these can sometimes be used without invalidating your vehicle warranty.
  • Aftermarket parts – these are designed as a cheap alternative to genuine parts, made using a pattern taken from the original manufacturer. These vary enormously in quality, from premium parts down to poorly made replacements.
  • Reconditioned/salvaged parts – these are used parts which are in a condition where they are still useful. Like aftermarket parts, quality can vary hugely when you choose used parts.


If you’re looking for KIA spare parts, contact the expert team at Hyundai Heaven online today, or call us on (08) 6500 3555, and we can source and install your part stress-free.

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